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About Me

If you may be wondering “Who art thou ?

I am an undergraduate final year college student. I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science from Pune, India.

Why this website ?

To be fair I cant exactly tell why I ended up creating this website. Closest thing that I can tell is that I just wanted and exposure to managing a website all on my own including the article/post along with the customizing it and stuff.

I am a guy who goes on with the flow without much planning and think about managing stuff later along the way. And the result of that was this website.

What are my hobbies ?

Well, if you’ve checked the posts in here you probably might have figured it out. I really love watching anime, reading manga, playing games. And of course I do have interest in web dev.

Some of my favorite anime are Umino Chica’s works (Honey and clover and Sangatsu no lion) and ReLife. Seriously, if you have time and want some recommendations those would be it.

Games that I really enjoy playing are Dead cells, Rocket League, Shellshock Live, Destiny 2 (this one maybe not ;-;).

And manga recommendations from me would be Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon), Mikkakan no Koufuku (Three Days of Happiness) and ReLife.

I like eating spicy food and love drinking coffee.

You can check out my MyAnimeList profile here : wintrysphere’s Profile –

Future Plans for this website ?

Well the first and most important thing would be to stick around with the website and not giving up.

I will try to be more consistent on posting articles on a wide range of topics which will not necessarily be limited to my hobbies.

I am really new to this managing website stuff so I am apologizing in advance if you found some mistakes.

If you want to contact me, reach me here on my email :