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Genshin Impact: Change Install Folder without Downloading

When we install Genshin Impact, by default it is installed in System drive which is C drive mostly.
If you are running out of space in your C drive or you want to move Genshin Impact to SSD for a better experience, then this guide is for you.
In this article you will learn how to change install folder of Genshin Impact without downloading the whole game again.


  • Exit Genshin Impact from the System Tray by right clicking the icon and pressing exit.
  • Locate the directory where Genshin Impact is installed. By default it is “C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact”.
  • Right click on Genshin Impact and click on Cut.
  • Paste the folder to wherever you want to move Genshin Impact to.
  • *Important* Open up to Genshin Impact Folder and delete the file name config.

    It is a configuration file which has the settings of the launcher such as version info and install-path.

    Should you be worried deleting it ?
    The config file will be generated automatically according to the new install folder (the directory where you just moved Genshin Impact to) the next time you open the launcher. So there is absolutely no need to worry in deleting it.

Delete this file.
  • Done! Now just open launcher again and you will be able to run the game from your new installation directory.

Hopefully this guide on how to change install folder of Genshin Impact without downloading the whole game again was useful to you.

If you have any queries or want to ask something you can comment below and I will respond to it.

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