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Genshin Impact Update 1.1 – What do we know

Genshin Impact update 1.1 will be going live on 11th November 2020 on all platforms. This article will cover the key points in the upcoming update.


Check out Genshin Impact Update 1.1 Trailer (English)

New Characters

There are 4 new characters coming in the next update. They are :

Upcoming Quests

Following are the upcoming quests in the next 1.1 update :

  • Liyue story chapter will be finished in Genshin Impact’s 1.1 update.
  • Xiao, Kequing and Ganyu will show up in story with the next update.
  • *Leak* There might be a new boss fight upcoming in the next update.

Reputation System

  • Reputation will be a separate level comparable to Adventure Rank and Friendship Levels.
  • A new NPC will be there for each region i.e. Mondstadt and Liyue.
  • New name cards, Wings, Food recipes and crafting recipes will be rewarded on gaining Reputation Levels.
  • At Rep level 2 we will get an item which we can use to find mining spots.
  • At Rep level 4 we will get discounts from shops in Mondstadt and Liyue.

New Items

  • Anemo bottle (used to collect Anemo wisps ?)
  • Resonance Stone which can be used to collect Anemoculus and Geoculus.

Upcoming Events

Some other stuff

  • Upcoming new area which seems like a Golden Palace.
  • New portable Teleported and Pot (pocket kitchen!).
  • New mob enemy.
  • Resin cap will be increased from 120 to 160.

New Redeem Code for 160 Primogems : GenshinZHB30

This article compiled information from Genshin Impact’s Official subreddit r/Genshin_Impact. The mega-thread post is maintained by u/MaitieS. Do check that out.

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