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When not to do these mechanics in Rocket League


Rocket League is a purely skill based game. If you want to win games then you will need to work hard on your skills, as simple as that. And like every other competitive games out there winning games can be quite difficult at some times. You have to stay alert the whole game. A single mistake can cost you the whole game. That’s why it is very important to know when to and when not to do the these mechanics in Rocket League.

This article will contain basic mechanics that most players even in the lower ranks use.

When not to Flip:

Flipping is a great way to generate power on your shots, gain momentum without boost, and when combine with dribbling correctly you do something called as a flick. But there are times when flipping can really screw you over. And when it does it can really cut down your momentum and without fast recoveries (which most of the low-mid ranks’ players lack) you will loose a good chunk of time.

  • Near a Wall : Flipping into a wall will make your car loose momentum very badly. If you car hits the wall with its nose or any other part of body other than the wheels it can bounce off into really awkward ways. Apart from some exceptions like wall-pinch its better not to flip your car near the wall.
  • When Shadowing: In shadow defense we constantly have to monitor and react accordingly to what the opponent is doing. We don’t have much control or our car when we are doing flips. Opponent can take advantage of the time when we are in middle of a flip and that can even result in the ball going into our own net. To avoid this one can do and gain momentum as well, one can do a wave-dash quickly.

When not to Boost

Boosting is the easiest way to gain speed very quickly. But we have to work with a limited amount of boost. That’s why it is important to learn how to use boost very efficiently and try to waste as minimum as possible.

  • Don’t use boost after you hit supersonic speed: No matter how long you hold boost after you have reached supersonic, you won’t be getting any more faster than it. It takes about 2 seconds approx. to hit supersonic from a still position while boosting. So if you are holding boost for more than 2 seconds in a game then most probably you are wasting it.
  • Feather in aerials : Holding down boost during aerials not only waste it, but it makes to loose aerial car control as well. Its best to feather (lightly tapping boost accordingly) boost in air to maintain altitude and have a better control over the car.

I would suggest to watch Rocket Sledge’s video How to Stop Wasting Boost to get more information on boost management.

When not to use ball-cam (When to use car-cam)


As the name says, ball-cam is the camera mode when its locked on ball. No matter in what direction your car is or going in any direction the camera will be focused on ball. Having ball-cam is certainly good but there are times you need to switch to car-cam. You should switch to car-cam for the following situations :

  • Collection boost.
  • To have better control and view while dribbling.
  • While rotating back so that you accidentally bump your teammates.
  • Just after taking a shot to recover faster.

All of these are well explained in Azure RL’s Camera Toggling Tutorial .

Flipping (Dodge), Boosting and Camera toggling are the three most basic mechanics used in rocket league. Hopefully this article will help you to know when not to do these mechanics in Rocket League.

Advanced stuff will be covered in another post in future.

Rocket league is also supposed to go free to play when it debuts on Epic Game Store this summer. Seems like psyonix employees are getting summer vacation somewhat late (._.

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