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TYBCS System Programming Practice MCQs



As the first semester exams are super close, I thought what could be a better way to revise and help people at the same time with their studies.

I will be dumping chapter-wise MCQs of maybe all subjects in the next coming days and week. This will help me with the revision of the syllabus and surely it will help you people as would get an idea on how to study for MCQ pattern.

Disclaimer first!

These questions are practice questions. This is not meant to be a Question Bank. I can not guarantee whether or not any of these question will appear on the test. What I can do say is this will surely help in remembering key points and will give a general idea on how you should go on about solving MCQs in the upcoming test.

So without further ado, lets get started with TYBCS SYSPRO MCQs with chapter 1 i.e. Introduction to System Programming.

Answerers are marked by different color.


  1. ___________ is not a system program.

    A. Linker
    B. Compiler
    C. Assembler
    D. MS-Paint (Key points to remember : What is System Software, some examples of system software)

  2. What is a program ?

    A. It is the device where information is stored
    B. It is a sequence of instructions. (Key points to remember : Definition of a program)
    C. is a device that performs a sequence of operations specified by instructions in memory
    D. None of the above

  3. Which of the following software always resides in the main memory ?

    A. Text Editor
    B. Linker
    C. Loader
    D. Assembler

  4. Which of the following is not a function of the operating system?

    A. Manage Resources
    B. Providing User Interface
    C. Run Applications
    D. Internet Access

  5. The object code is passed to a program called as __________ which turns it into an executable program.

    A. Linker (Key point: What is a linker)
    B. Loader
    C. Compiler
    D. Assembler

  6. _________ is a system software which does some processing on source program before compilation.

    A. Linker
    B. Compiler
    C. Preprocessor (Key point: What is a preprocessor?)
    D. Assembler

  7. Using which of the following program user can watch the values of variables step by step during execution?

    A. Editor
    B. Debugger
    C. Preprocessor
    D. Compiler

  8. ___________ is a system software which combines different object programs to create an executable program.

    A. Loader
    B. Compiler
    C. Linker
    D. Editor

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Links for further chapters will be posted here once they are up.

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