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TYBCS SysPro MCQs Chapter 2: Practice Questions



These questions are practice questions. This is not meant to be a Question Bank. I can not guarantee whether or not any of these question will appear on the test. What I can do say is this will surely help in remembering key points and will give a general idea on how you should go on about solving MCQs in the upcoming test.

So without further ado, lets get started with TYBCS SYSPRO Chapter 2 MCQs i.e. Editors .

Answerers are marked by different color.

  1. Which of the following is not a type of Editor?

    A. Line Editor
    B. Screen Editor
    C. Statement Editor
    D. Screen Editor

  2. Which of the following editor is used for document editing ?

    A. Line Editor
    B. Stream Editor
    C. Word Processor
    D. Screen Editor

  3. Which of the following/s is/are the functions of an Editor ?

    A. Creating a new Document
    B. Delete existing data in a document.
    C. Both A and B.
    D. None of the above.

  4. Which of the following is False for line editor ?

    A. Editing operations are performed on a line in text.
    B. Line editor displays text in the manner that it would be printed.
    C. It can not perform edit operations on part of a line.
    D. Line editor is simple and easy to develop.

  5. Which of the following editor has the principle of “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” ?

    A. Line Editor
    B. Stream Editor
    C. Screen Editor
    D. None of the above.

  6. Which of the following is not TRUE about a word processor ?

    A. It is user friendly.
    B. They are document editors.
    C. It is suitable for editing computer programs.
    D. It provides special features like page formatting, merging, text fonts etc.

  7. Which editor organizes the text or document in hierarchical manner ?

    A. Line Editor.
    B. Stream Editor.
    C. Structure Editor.
    D. Word processor.

  8. Which function maps abstracts view into the physical characteristics of display device ?

    A. Travelling.
    B. Editing.
    C. Displaying.
    D. Viewing.

The first 2 chapters are now done. I know there are very few questions for these chapters but they are really short and don’t require too much focus. Rest assured that I will be providing more material for further chapters. If you have any suggestions or feedback do leave them in the comment section.

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Links for further chapters will be posted here once they are up.

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